21 December 2015

Bright futures start with healthy children

Miga is doing his homework. He is happier and healthier thanks to REDS
@UNICEF/2015/Enkhzul Altangerel
Gripping the pen firmly in his small hand, 6-year-old Myagmarbaatar (Miga) carefully writes out numbers from one to ten. He’s doing his homework. “I like to go to school”, he says, smiling cheerfully. “We learned many things at school – yesterday I learned number 7! We are also learning letters”. Miga started school this year, and he couldn’t be more excited about his journey of learning.

18 December 2015

Books on the move: reaching children with disabilities

Ochiroo with his younger sister outside his home
@UNICEF/2015/Enkhzul Altangerel

“This is a dog, and that one is a cat!” says 4-year-old Ochiroo, turning pages of a children’s book about animals. Ochiroo loves to read children’s books with his mother. He has learned many new words from the books, including names of animals and objects in the past few months. Learning is a special activity for Ochiroo, as he has not been able to attend kindergarten due to hip dysplasia, which made it very difficult for him to walk.