29 October 2018

Mongolia moves to promote and protect children’s rights online

“Although, we emphasize online child sexual abuse and exploitation, we cannot forget about the opportunities that the Internet has to offer,” said Mr. Alex Heikens during the opening of the consultation “National multi-sectoral responses to prevent and tackle online child sexual abuse and exploitation.” ©UNICEFMongolia/2018/MungunkhishigB
ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia - Every half a second, a child goes online for the first time – tapping into all the great opportunities the Internet has to offer, along with its grave threats. Protecting children online is a challenge for every country. In Mongolia, children and young people are the most active and enthusiastic users of social media. The country stands on top in the region with around 94 percent of the pupils in Mongolia actively using Facebook. Statistics show that there are over 2 million users of Facebook in Mongolia.