10 May 2018

#EveryChildALIVE: Ochir from Murun, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia

2-day-old Ochir from Khuvsgul province, Mongolia. © UNICEF/UN0188803
Ochir, boy, weight 3.8 kg; 2 days old; born on 26 February 2018. Baby Ochir from Mongolia was born healthy. Thanks to the training his mother received, he was breastfed and kept warm after his birth with a blanket around his feet and a hat on his head (all babies in Mongolia must wear hats and are wrapped in a special way when outside). His mother, Zolzaya Baasanjav, 18, is a student. His father is Tserentogtokh and he is 18 years old. Both live in Murun City. Ochir is their first child.

#EveryChildALIVE: Saruulgerel from Murun, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia

Baby Saruulgerel G. from Khuvsgul province, Mongolia © UNICEF/UN0188818
Baby Saruulgerel from Mongolia was delivered by a skilled midwife. Her mother almost suffered a miscarriage, but thanks to the care and advice of a midwife, she went home and rested. The bleeding stopped, and when the time came, the delivery went well. Her mother, Dashnyam Ganbaatar, 23 and the father, Ganchuluun Baatarchuluu, 29 are unemployed and live in Murun city. They have two children.

#EveryChildALIVE: Sugar-Ochir from Tosontsengel soum, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia

5-day-old Sugar-Ochir from Khuvsgul province, Mongolia. © UNICEF/UN0188808 
Sugar-Ochir from Mongolia was born via C-section. His mother is a herder. Her previous babies were born in a very cold and dark room. Thanks to the heated health centre and the micronutrients she took, she delivered Sugar-Ochir feeling warm, and did not feel tired during the pregnancy (iron deficiency can make women feel exhausted and depleted). She said the pills changed her and her baby’s life. His mother, Namjilmaa Naransuren, 38, and the father, Lkagvadorji Dashdavaa are herders, and they live in Tosontsengel soum (subprovince), some 60 km away from the province centre, Murun. The family has 3 boys (aged 18 and 16, and the newborn baby).

09 May 2018

#EveryChildALIVE: Uuriintsolmon from Murun, Khuvsgul province, Mongolia

Uuriintsolmon from Mongolia was born healthy and, unlike her older sister, remained in good health after her birth. Thanks to the home-care training received with the support of UNICEF, her mother did not make the same mistakes: Her sister had jaundice as a baby – her mother thought she was going to die. She also had a rash and small cuts on her arm because her mother did not bathe her frequently, and she suffered from constant colds because the house was not ventilated. Thanks to the nutrition training, Uuriintsolmon's milk is healthier (Mongolians believe meat, bread and cookies stimulate breastmilk production, while vegetables are better.) Her mother, Bayarmaa Erdenejargal,30, and her father, Nyambat 26, live in Murun city.