22 December 2016

Photo story: WASH in Schools and Kindergartens in Khuvsgul

Safe water and adequate sanitation are vital to the health and development of Mongolia’s children and for the country’s longer-term economic and social progress. The Government has invested in this area, but although access to safe water has increased nationally, poor people and those living in rural areas or on the outskirts of towns and cities have not benefited proportionately. Poor access to WASH facilities and unsafe hygiene practices continue to contribute to the burden of disease in Mongolia. Of the total population, 64.4 per cent has access to improved water sources and 59.7 per cent has access to improved sanitation facilities.

UNICEF will accompany Mongolia in its trajectory of growth, ensuring that children remain an area of social investment. The storyline for the next Country Programme (2017-2021) will be around investing in new generations as the foundation of Mongolia’s human capital and key to making development gains sustainable over time. The UNICEF country programme will aim to increase national resources and efforts for child-centred policy reform, as well as to accelerate targeted programmatic work to address inequalities where gaps persist.

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